this is Drisham 2 It’s always been a maniac, and the best part is that it’s still spreading by word of mouth. There’s a lot of chatter around it, and the narrative twists are the most debated. It’s the love for the film that keeps others recommending the film without spoilers, and once again shows that when the final product is good there is love and affection from all sides.

This is well demonstrated by the fact that the collection turned out to be very good even on Tuesday. Another 1.048 crore comes in. It barely drops from the Rs collection on Monday. 11.87 crore and the movie is set for yet another bountiful weekend if the collection remains on the same line today and tomorrow so far Ajay Devgn stirrer stands at his Rs . He is at Rs 8.649 billion and will be in the Rs by tomorrow morning. 100 Crore Club.

in the meantime, Unchai Collections dropped sharply on weekdays, so now it’s almost a reasonable lifetime number. The movie managed to survive the first week and held up well into the second weekend. However, we are now seeing cracks as the collection barely exceeds Rs. 50 lakh mark. This is also evident in the Rupee Tuesday collection. 0.65 Kroner. of course, Drisham 2 It also played an important role in the film and turned out to be a very distant second choice. Now the movie stands at Rs. 24.92 crore, and the next big milestone is 30 crore, that’s about it.

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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