Don’t Do unto Your Children What Your Parents Did to You

Don’t do what your parents did. Instead, make new rules and regulations for yourself. Decide how you want the end outcome of a given situation to look like, then make rules for yourself that would lead to the same outcome or something similar.

Bring Flexibility

Be flexible in your approach. Even if the end result does not turn out how you wanted it to, ask yourself if it worked out in a way that would be beneficial to your children in the long run. If it did, then take a breather and don’t stress too much about it.

Being a parent does not necessarily have to be as hard as we make it.


Making rules for oneself and obliging by them is really the only prerequisite one ever needs for self-discipline and mastering the art of anything in life.

If one is awake enough, sooner or later they realize how anything in life is an art. Mastery comes as a result of patience and perseverance but isn’t really a prerequisite.

An Art

So, if everything in life is art then why not parenting. Afterall, it takes time, patience and the careful use of one’s intellect.

Parenting is the only form of art that does not require years of experience or expertise. There is no necessary certification that one must acquire before they can start practicing and neither is there any sort of mental readiness examination.

Generation to Generation Changes

Times keep changing and with the advent of newer knowledge, so do the demands and necessities of every upcoming generation. This is why one must not compare one generation of children to the other. So much so that it would even be inappropriate and unjust if parents tried to compare their own generation to that of their children.

Being on the Same Page

Sit with your partner and try to figure out ways on how to deal with certain situations. Make sure you both are on the same page about a circumstance before discussing it with your children or exposing them to a stressful or confusing situation.

It is very important for the healthy mental as well as physical development of children that they do not catch their parents arguing or fighting often.

Shaping Lifelong Behaviors

However, for making sure they follow the disciplinary guidelines laid out for them, it is vital that they do not bear witness to their parents or guardians stepping on each other’s toes regarding any conventional or unconventional matter at any given time.

By this logic, it becomes vital that all-important strategies and approaches to matters involving children be discussed beforehand and agreed on before they are actually implemented.

Technological Advances

The desires of children might change with the changing needs of their times but as times change, so does technology. Technological advancements, whatever challenges they bring with themselves, also carry the solutions to many of our problems at the tap of a finger away.

For example, children who were born and raised in the era of social media are now worried about what dangers their children may face online, specifically across social media platforms.

The Solution within the Problem

At the same time, the spyware of apps such as the ones used to catch un-followers gave tech geniuses the idea of creating parental control apps with similar features in order to ensure the safety of infants and younger children online.


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