Doka – Round D Corner Movie: Review | Release Date (2022) | Songs |

doka round d corner A story about a terrorist who sneaks into Room 302 and takes an innocent housewife hostage. Police and media gather as the situation becomes tense. The wife and the terrorist are playing a game of cat and mouse and seem to get along just fine.A woman seduces him and establishes an intimate relationship with a gullible terrorist. A husband and wife who were battling over a divorce are now in a difficult situation where her wife may be hallucinating during her confinement and her husband is telling the police outside an entirely different story. . The wife garners the terrorists’ sympathy by telling them that she has been given the wrong drugs to unbalance her mind. Her husband told officers that his wife had a strange mental condition, and she accused him of having an affair with a psychiatrist. What follows is a multi-view, fast-paced thriller that questions the very fabric of humanity. Amidst twists and turns and unexpected events, the dark side of all four of her characters—wife, terrorist, husband, and cop—are twisted and turned upside down, making audiences believe the unbelievable, and make it true again. I’ll change it. Come to mind with every new perspective. A good wife, a lover, a patient, which one is the real wife? And cops and terrorists?

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