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Do Baaraa Movie: Review | Release Date (2022) | Songs | Music |

“Dobaaraa” is the story of a woman trapped in an extraordinary life. The time is her 1996. Anai, a young child, lives with her mother in a large house in Hinjewadi, Pune. His parents are divorced and he misses his father a lot. One day when he was at home

Suddenly, noises are heard from the house next door where the Raja Ghosh couple (Saswata Chatterjee) and his wife Rujuta live. Anai sees a couple and a strange woman indulging in a physical fight. He tries to wake her mother, but she is fast asleep. He runs towards Raja’s house but finds Rujuta murdered. Raja confirms that Anai has found the dead body. He runs behind Anai. Anai escapes the house and is accidentally hit by a fire truck. Anai dies on the spot. 25 years have passed. In 2021, Antara (Thapsy Pannu) moves into the same house Anai used to live in. She is married to Vikas (Rahul Bhat) and has her daughter Avanti. She Antara is a nurse and is dissatisfied with her married life. One night, they call their mutual friend Abhishek and his Mercy, Sheila. Abhishek is the one who helped them buy the house. He tells them about Anai and his death. He also added that Raja Ghosh had been arrested and confessed that he had planned to hide Rujuta’s body in a sugar factory. Antara then unearths Anai’s TV and video camera in a storeroom. To her surprise, it works perfectly. The same night, the city faces yet another geomagnetic storm. Antara cannot sleep and plays Anay’s video. To her surprise, she sees Anay on TV and realizes he can see her. She also learns that she has been dealing with him and that he is in 1996. This is when Anai tells her that he hears sounds coming from Raja’s house. Antara realizes this is the night he will die. She told him not to go to her neighbor’s house and if he did he would be killed by a fire engine. I believe it when I see it pass by. The next day, Antara wakes up. She notices that she has a strangely different look and hairstyle.She finds out that she is a doctor not a nurse and that she is not married to Vikas! realized she had no daughter. She refuses to believe it and calls the police complaining about her missing daughter. Inspector Anand (Paveil Gulati) takes charge of her case. Slowly, Antara realizes that by altering Anay’s past, she has formed an alternate reality, which has altered her past and present as well. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/movie/do-baaraa/ Do Baaraa Movie: Review | Release Date (2022) | Songs | Music |

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