Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Alien Locations in Collect-M-All-Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley definitely has a wide collection of Disney-themed quests with different rewards. If you like Toy Story, you’ll want to tackle the 3-part “Collect them all” questline. Let’s see how to start this series of quests and where to find all the aliens needed to complete them.

How to start the “Collect ‘Em All” quest in Dreamlight Valley

The first step to starting the “Collect ‘Em All” questline is to make sure you unlock Buzz and Woody from the Toy Story realm.If you haven’t checked it yet, check it out Character unlock guide and handle it. Once that’s done, Buzz will eventually give you the quest “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men”. This is actually the first of a total of three quests in this series.

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This questline repeatedly asks you to find and collect Toy Story aliens scattered throughout the valley, and then asks you to return to Buzz for a prize. The final prize is a set of Toy Story aliens You can place them wherever you like, and you can also purchase additional aliens from Scrooge at any time after receiving your first set.

Where to find all the aliens for the ‘Collect ‘Em All’ quest in Dreamlight Valley

I’ll detail the alien locations for each of the three quests below.

Alien locations in “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men”

The first quest asks you to find a whopping 25 aliens. This is the hardest of his three quests, as these aliens can spawn in: Any biome beyond the valley, making it difficult to know where they are hiding. Because of this, you’ll have to travel through each biome in search of glowing aliens on the ground.

with that in mind Only 9 aliens initially spawn (1 in each biome)And after that, in our experience, we could only spot a few aliens a day. Because of this, collecting all 25 can take a considerable amount of time, so be sure to carefully explore all biomes each day.

“Collect them all: Strangers from outside!”

A few days after completing the last quest, Buzz suggests another quest that asks you to find 15 more aliens. This is much easier and less random.you just need to see specific villager’s house Find the aliens hiding in your valley. However, it can take several days for all characters to spawn, so be sure to check all of the character homes below daily until you find them all.

  • Anna/Christoph/Olaf
  • buzz lightyear
  • donald duck
  • goofy
  • Merlin
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Remy
  • Woody

Alien locations in Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode

A few more days after completing the previous quest, Buzz asks you to collect the final 15 aliens. These aliens spawn exclusively, so this is the easiest of all the quests. Remy’s Restaurant and Dream Castle. You can find up to 8 aliens on the first day, and the last 7 of him will be available the next day.

If you look around the tables in Remy’s restaurant, you should be able to spot the hidden green man easily, but the tables in the castle are a little more spread out. Still, the glitter doesn’t make it hard to see, so watch behind the stairs and pillars until you catch every last sneaky little alien.

After completing this final “Collect ‘Em All” quest, Wait a few days and talk to Buzz again to start the “We Are Eternally Grateful” quest. In this quick and easy item placement quest, 4 sets of alien toys Place it anywhere in your cleavage to show off your love of Toy Story.

For more information on Dreamlight Valley, be sure to check it out. Comprehensive guide hub.

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