Diablo 4 – Druid Talent Guide

so far, diablo 4 In beta, Druid was a bit underwhelming for most players.most of the time druid skills While it’s enjoyable from a strictly aesthetic point of view, there’s a growing consensus that her skills are weak overall, especially when compared to the other four classes. You should consider spending skill points on Talents, which are passive abilities that allow players to further customize their build and increase the power of their active skills.

Below are all of the Druid’s available talents and recommended talents for some major builds.

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diablo 4 druid talent

Like any other class, druids have talents grouped into different categories. For example, there are some talents that cannot be acquired before learning the pre-learned talent. By comparison, it works exactly like any other skill that requires spending a certain number of skill her points to access a specific talent. I’ve categorized them all below so you can see exactly which talents fit where in a druid.

core skill talent

  • Heart of the Wild – Increases max spirits.
  • Abundance – Basic skills produce more spirit.
  • Wild Impulse – Increases core skill spirit cost, but deals more damage.
  • Predatory Instincts – Increases critical strike chance against nearby enemies.
  • Digitigrade Gait – Increased movement speed while in Werewolf status.
  • Iron Fur – Gain damage reduction while in Werebear form.

Defensive Skill Talent

  • Ancestral Fortitude – Increases non-physical resistance.
  • Vigilance – After using a defensive skill, damage is reduced for 6 seconds.

Companion Skill Talent

  • Call of the Wild – Your companion deals bonus damage.
  • Clarity – Gain 2 spirits when transforming into human form.
  • Nature’s Reach – Increases damage dealt to distant enemies. This bonus is doubled if he is also slowed, stunned, immobilized or knocked back.

Anger Skill Talent

  • Elemental Exposure – Lucky Hit: Storm skills can leave enemies vulnerable.
  • Charged Atmosphere – Every 18 seconds, lightning strikes and damages nearby enemies.
  • Endless Tempest – Increases the duration of Hurricane and Cataclysm.
  • Bad Omen – Lucky Hit: Damage to vulnerable, immobilized, or stunned enemies has a chance of being struck by lightning and dealing damage.
  • Electric Shock – If the target is already immobile, the lightning damage dealt to them is increased instead.
  • Crushing Earth – The Earth skill deals increased damage to slowed, stunned, immobilized, or knocked back enemies.
  • Safeguard – Critical strikes from the Earth skill will Fortify you for a percentage of your Base Life.
  • Stone Guard – Increases damage dealt by Earth skills while having Fortify percentage of Max Life.
  • Neurotoxin – Poisoned enemies are slowed.
  • Envenom – Poisoned enemies take extra Critical Strike damage.
  • Toxic Claws – Critical strikes from Werewolf skills deal damage over time as poison damage.

Ultimate Skill Talent

  • Defiance – Increases damage dealt to elites by nature magic skills.
  • Circle of Life – Nature magic skills that consume spirit heal you for a percentage of your maximum life.
  • Resonance – Increases damage dealt by Nature Magic skills. This bonus is tripled for her if Earth Skill is the next skill cast for Storm Skill, or if Storm Skill is the next skill for Earth Skill.
  • Natural Hazards – Your earth skills deal increased damage to vulnerable enemies. Storm skills deal increased damage to enemies that are stunned, immobilized, or knocked back.
  • Defensive Posture – Increases the amount of Fortify gained from all sources.
  • Thick Hide – Whenever you are stunned, immobilized, or knocked down, Fortify a percentage of your Base Life.
  • Nature’s Resolve – Chance to Fortify for a percentage of base life.
  • Unrestrained – Reduces the duration of Control Impairing effects by a percentage. This effect triples her while she has Fortify at 50% or more of her max life.
  • Quickshift – Increases damage dealt when transforming into another form with the shapeshifting skill.
  • Natural Fortitude – Strengthens you by a percentage of your Shapeshifting Base Life.
  • Increased Senses – Transforming into a Werewolf or Werebear reduces damage against Elites for a short time.

Main Passive Talent

  • Perfect Storm – Your Storm skill grants spirit, dealing increased damage when dealing damage to vulnerable, immobilized, or slowed enemies.
  • Casting the Nature’s Fury – Earth skill has a chance to trigger a free Storm skill in the same category. Also increased the chance to trigger the free Earth skill.
  • Earthen Might – Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with an Earth skill has the potential to: Restore all spirits and ensure your attacks are critical strikes for a short period of time.
  • Lupine Ferocity – Some werewolf skills now hit critical strikes and deal significantly increased damage.
  • Bestial Rampage – Gain extra attack speed for a few seconds after being a werewolf for a while. After becoming a wear bear for a while, damage increases for a few seconds.
  • Ursine Strength – Gain extra max life while in Werebear and a few seconds after leaving form. Increases damage dealt while healthy.

Now that we’ve covered all of the Druid talents, here’s some recommended list of talents you should unlock for your build. In druidic style, these two lists are based on werebear and werewolf forms, and the talents included are specific to those forms.

wear bear build talent

  • Iron fur (requires predatory instinct)
  • Heightened senses (requires quick shift)
  • Natural Fortitude (Requires Quickshift)
  • Ursine Strength (Key Passive)

Werewolf Build Talent

  • Digitigrade Gait (requires predatory instinct)
  • Call of the Wild (if Wolves Companion skill is enabled)
  • Neurotoxin (with Fierce upgrade for Claw Basic Skill)
  • Envenom (requires neurotoxin)
  • quick shift
  • Rampage of the Beast (Key Passive)

Druid is a more fun class if you have the right talents.However, to further improve the class in Diablo 4, our Druid Recommended Build Guide. find all of us Diablo 4 guide to one place.

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