Destiny 2 is significantly changing the difficulty of raids, dungeons and more

Destiny 2 is changing its difficulty balance mechanics from soup to nuts, and this change has huge implications for many of the game’s most popular activities. blog post When we publish the change notes, they aim to bring Legendary difficulty to the Legendary campaign activity difficulty level, and Mastery experience to the Day 1 Raid difficulty level.

The details are too many to cover here, but the removal of Adept difficulty is perhaps the most notable. Hero difficulty will be available at 1750 Power, while Legendary and Master difficulties will be available at the game’s current Power cap of 1800. Hero, Legend, and Master levels receive -5, -15, and -20 power level adjustments, while Grandmaster Nightfall receives a -25 debuff.

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Additionally, these high-level activity burns are split into two new categories: “Surge” and “Threat.” Surge increases outgoing elemental damage by 25%. And in addition to rotating weekly, there is a “Featured Surge” every season. Threat increases elemental damage taken from enemies by 25%. Bungie is also introducing an “Overcharge” weapon that increases damage by 25% and can increase kinetic damage by 25% if the subclass is booming. However, surge and overcharge do not stack. This means you only need and can get one per damage source.

Overall, this patch appears to represent an attempt to rebalance the difficulty of all Destiny 2 seasonal activities, starting with Vanguard Ops and Nightfall. Bungie recently $4.3 million judgment Arbitration Against Destiny 2 Cheat Sellers.

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