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CUTTPULLI is the story of a cop trying to catch a serial killer. Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar), 36, is based in Parwanu, Himachal He Pradesh. He studies serial killers avidly and would like to make a film on this topic. He approaches several Punjabi filmmakers in Chandigarh.However, allof They turn down his idea and advise him to make a comedy instead. After that, he goes to Kasari and meets his sister Seema (Hhrishtha Bhatt), his brother-in-law Narinder Singh (Chandra Chasingh) and niece Payal (Rena Yetejani) at Raksha Bandhan. Narinder is a cop and argues that Arjan should give up his filmmaking dreams and join the police force.

Arjan and Seema’s father is a deceased cop, so the chance to become a cop comes easily. Realizing that his goal of making a serial killer movie has not been met, Arjan agrees. He becomes a deputy inspector and SHO joins the police department where he is Gudiya Parmar (Sargun Mehta). A few days later, the police get information that a high school girl named Amrita Rana (Saina Anrose) has gone missing. She was probably kidnapped from outside her home.The killer leaves behind a gift box with the doll’s head severed. Arjan notices that the way the doll’s head was severed is very similar to the way the face of a girl named Samiksha Bharti was severed. This girl was found murdered in Pawanu and Arjan had gathered information about her from her habits. He tells Shaw Palmer that Pawanu’s schoolgirl killer has kidnapped Amrita. Palmer dismisses his theory.

Minutes later, the police received a call that Amrita’s body had been found near the railroad tracks. The police take Arjan seriously, realizing that the serial killer is on the run and looking for his next target. A few days later, a third girl, Komal (Laiva Ali), goes missing. Thanks to her Divya (Rakul Preet Singh), Komal’s school teacher, Arjan finds out that Komal was seen calling a car. Arjan corners the auto-rickshaw. Her driver blurts out that he has not killed her Komal and that he has taken her to her home in Purushottam Tomar (Sujith Shankar), who happens to be a math teacher at Payal’s school. Pushottam is arrested and revealed to be sexually harassing his students. However, Purushottam denies killing Komal, even though the evidence is against him. The killers attack again while Purshottam is in custody. This time he kidnaps Payal. And as usual, he leaves behind a box containing a severed doll head. The killer usually kills the victim two days after his kidnapping. You have 48 hours to find the serial killer before Arjan fatally harms his Payal. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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