Business idea: plumbing services

The services of professional plumbers are in high demand. In any city, there are a huge number of houses and apartments, each of which has plumbing equipment that requires regular repairs and maintenance. Only a few homeowners can carry out such repairs on their own, so a plumber on call is a sought-after niche for business.

Business concept

It is already clear that the business is to provide plumbing services. Clients are ordinary people. The range of plumbing services can be different:

The client only needs to make a call and agree on the time of arrival of the master. You, as a representative of the company, need to take the order and organize the departure.

At the initial stage, you should not expose huge bills for services, this will scare away a potential client. In addition, you can earn more due to the availability and promptness of the provision of plumbing assistance. Thanks to this, you will gain the trust of the client, who in turn will make you “free advertising”.

What is required for implementation?

First, decide if you will have your own office. Having your own office space will be a plus for the business, but it will require additional expenses. If the initial capital is small, then it is better not to think about it yet.

It is important to find a specialist who will provide plumbing services. Even better if there are several masters. Thus, they will be able to fulfill several orders at the same time, multiplying your profits. It should be understood that high-class masters work only with the appropriate level of payment.

It is necessary to fully provide the master with the necessary tools, as well as, if possible, branded overalls. The client is pleased to see the master, who is neatly dressed and comes with “full equipment”.

In order to start work, you must, of course, legalize your business. For proper execution of related documents, it is better to contact a law firm.

Also, at the initial stages, you will need the services of advertising agencies. They will be able to design branded flyers and posters. Advertising should be concise and describe all the advantages of the company’s services compared to competitors. It can be a high-quality and cheap service, with a large number of craftsmen. Advertising at the initial stages is best placed in newspapers and the Internet, where the cost is low.

Equipment selection

The next step is to purchase a set of locksmith tools. You will need the following equipment:

Such equipment is sold at any hardware store. Be sure to pay attention to certificates and warranties for all tools. Part of the equipment can be purchased in specialized plumbing stores.

When expanding the company, conclude cooperation agreements with stores. So you can get a discount or free shipping.


If you have specialized education and you are a master of your craft, start a business without hiring staff. The first orders can be carried out independently, then hire an assistant to perform more complex work. Hire only experienced employees.

When expanding, it is necessary to fill the staff with professional craftsmen. The success of your business and profit depends on the qualifications of your employees. Often plumbers do not arrive on time – this annoys customers. Make punctuality and professionalism your calling card to stand out from the competition.

To resolve accounting issues, hire an employee remotely or use the services of competent companies.

Advertising for plumbing services

Advertising can be placed in the press, on television, and on the Internet. In addition, announcements are posted on porches and poles. Announcements can also be placed in newspapers free of charge, on boards on the Internet. Use advertisements on cars and elevators.

Determine your main competitive advantage and write about it in promotional materials. You can focus on prompt and cheap service and a large number of specialists.

But the best tool for promotion is word of mouth. Therefore, it is very important that your first customers are satisfied and recommend you to friends.

Other promotion ideas:

High competition in business is not a hindrance if the quality of your services is on top. Private plumbing services are a popular type of business that is always relevant. Take a look at business proposals. Maybe you will find your ideal match. A ready-made business helps to save time on the first steps of development, on paperwork, and establishing relationships with suppliers.

Financial calculations

Financial calculations are the most important section of any business plan. One of the main advantages of this business is that it can be started with minimal investment. Starting capital is required for:

Monthly expenses:

The amount of future income that an entrepreneur can receive for the repair and installation of sanitary equipment depends on the region of activity, the range of services provided, and the prices set for them.

Investments in such a business, as a rule, pay off within a few months. But this is largely determined by the number of customers. Sometimes the business pays off and begins to make a profit after two or three months of work.


The business has quite a lot of advantages and relatively few possible risks and disadvantages. The main advantage is the constant demand. This business can bring a good income at a relatively low cost. The quality of the company’s services directly depends on your competence.



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