Brokers comparison: DotBig vs Merrill Edge

Looking for a legit broker to start online trading? Both DotBig and Merrill Edge meet this requirement – these are well-established companies that have loyal bases of clients. But which one is better in 2022? Below, we’ve tried to briefly display everything we find informative about the brokers so that you could make your best choice.

Overall Comparison


DotBig Merrill Edge
Minimum deposit $250 up to $600 for making investments in Merrill Edge
Bonus 10% welcome bonus none
Year of foundation 2003 2010
Tradable instruments ●       Currency pairs

●       Stocks

●       Cryptos

●       Commodities

●       Indices

●       ETFs

●       CFDs

●       Stocks

●       Bonds

●       Mutual funds

●       Options

●       ETFs

Platforms MT5, DotBig Web, Mobile Mobile, Merrill Edge MarketPro
Payment services ●       Bank transfer

●       Visa

●       Mastercard

●       Transferwise

●       Skrill

●       WebMoney

●       PayPal

●       Qiwi

●       YooMoney

Bank transfer
Customer support 24/5 24/7


Comparison of Brokers’ Commissions

Often, when you trade online, you need to pay not only for assets but for the possibility to use broker’s services. This might be represented in a form of charging account or trading fees. Account fees are funds you pay to activate your profile, close deals, fund, withdraw profits, etc.

Merrill Edge is one of the brokers that charges almost no account fees. The only additional money that clients need to pay is a $49.95 commission for making a withdrawal of the whole amount. Some services also charge fees for partial transfers. But on Merrill Edge, there’s even no minimum deposit – you may trade with just $1.

Merrill Edge doesn’t charge money for trading shares on stock markets but imposes $0.65 per contract on options deals.

From the perspective of paying commissions, DotBig is a more costly broker. It doesn’t charge trading fees because they are included in spreads of financial products, but it does charge account fees, including.

Broker Comparison: Trading Conditions

In any comparison of online brokers, conditions play a vital role.

DotBig LTD Merrill Edge
Currency pairs Trade 72 currency pairs with an average spread of 1.2 pips
Stocks 244 stocks of international companies are listed here, with the spread falling as low as 0.67 pips Offers many securities, including penny stock and those that were listed on ETB
Bonds Lists the assets of corporations alongside municipal and treasury bonds.
Cryptocurrencies The possibility to invest in over 650 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, etc.
Commodities 6 commodities with the 1:100 leverage
Indices 13 indices with a 1:100 leverage and average spread of 2.25 pips
ETFs Free ETF trades with 20 assets listed Free ETF trades
CFDs The possibility to invest in CFD assets
Mutual Funds More than 3,000 non-transaction-fee mutual funds
Options The broker lists both single leg and two-leg options and charges a $0.65 per contract commission

If you prefer traditional forex trading, you are better to choose DotBig LTD because as you can see, Merrill Edge doesn’t have fiat currency pairs.

Both brokerages have basic orders and provide fast execution. Merrill Edge, for example, performs the execution of orders with an average speed of 0.019 seconds.

Broker Comparison: Platforms and Tools

Merrill Edge MarketPro is praised for simplicity and understandable navigation. Here, traders may use different research instruments such as charts, ratings, and reports. All the information for research and analyses is provided from the most reputable sources such as Bank of America and The New York Times.

DotBig gives its clients the possibility to trade via a web platform, MetaTrader5 or Mobile Platform. DotBig LTD is mostly known for its accurate trading signals. These are special robots that help benefit from forex trading and literary make it automated. DotBig Web is an original trading platform that features intuitive navigation and a number of charts, live quotes, and indicators. Unfortunately, DotBig doesn’t provide news on its platforms and the website, you have to look for them on the social media of the broker.

Which Broker is Better Overall?

Both DotBig and Merrill Edge have their advantages:


Broker DotBig Merrill Edge
Advantages ●       many financial instruments

●       advanced advisors

●       social trading available

●       complete training resources for beginners

●       integrated with Bank of America

●       additional perks for clients with bigger budgets

●       advanced third-party research

●       no minimum deposit required

On the whole, DotBig LTD is a better choice for traders in 2022. It offers a more extensive range of tradable products and suits better beginners. To the credits of Merrill Edge, it’s also a good company, with which traders can benefit from free stock and ETF trades.


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