Vikram Vedha spent the day even more than Rs. 500 crore as Rs. On Tuesday he made $557 million. Ideally the collection should be in Rupees. The days before Dussehra range from 8 to 1 billion rupees. Moreover, there is no competition. However, the film only works in pockets where collections are split between multiplexes and single screens, so none of the businesses are really thriving.

The good news is, at least the collection hasn’t fallen.Monday’s numbers were rupees. At $5.39 billion, such numbers show some appreciation among the select audience. Still, for a universally acclaimed film from a critical point of view, it certainly deserved more.The Saif Ali Khan-Hrithik Roshan starrer is currently at Rs. Mark 60 kroner by the end of the first week. Post that you will get so much more than rupees. 80 crore.

Under such circumstances, PS-1 is aiming for a service life of Rs or more. 2 billion rupees after stable days in recent days. Otherwise, Rs. 1.85 crore after the first day, it really seemed impossible. The reason is that so many movies this year started similarly and ended in rupees. 15-20 kroner range. However, this south-dubbed release has gained traction in its own little way, ensuring it has a steady footprint. 1.5 crore* coming in. Standing at Rs 10.50 crores*, the first week of the Mani Ratnam film should be 13-14 crores.

*Estimate.Can’t wait to see the final numbers

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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