Today is a partial holiday in many states as New Year is celebrated, but yesterday’s collections were generally boosted by about 20%. Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Even if Tu Jyoti Main MackerelThe same is true today, jumps are expected to be on the same line, so weekdays will see a constant upward trend in both films.

let’s talk about Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway beginning. With Monday’s figures just under 100 crore, the movie needed something better than the rest and it took at least 100 crore in the first week to finally collect a decent number Well, 10.9 billion rupees came in yesterday so we’ll get there comfortably now. The film should bring in about 12.5 crore today. This means that Rs 10.5 crore can be comfortably earned before the second weekend begins.

as for Tu Jyoti Main Mackerelthat’s about as much as a movie can collect in the days leading up to its release Boller The first major milestone of the film was a lifetime of Rs 125 crore, which was guaranteed after the second weekend. It didn’t happen after the extension, but it was about where it would land between Rs 125 crore and Rs 15 crore. After on Tuesday he raised 2.75 billion rupees* (he surpassed 2.25 million rupees* on Monday), the film has now reached 1143.4 billion rupees*. It will aim for a final push in the third weekend to exceed its lifetime of at least Rs 130 crore.

*Estimate.Waiting for the final numbers

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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