This Friday will be a big day for Hollywood with more than 100 crore rupees. It is expected to make $200 billion at the box office. It is probably the first time in history that two big Hollywood movies have been so hyped and released on the same day in India, so the expectations are high. Over the past years there have also been tent pole movies that have done great business and made over Rs 10 crore. Reached the 3 billion milestone on day one. However, for movies like oppenheimer and barbie Some even promise Rs jointly. 2 billion in one day is a really big amount.

oppenheimer Ride largely on the star power of director Christopher Nolan, has been a brand in India for many years.In fact, it was his during the pandemic doctrine It was the world’s first major theatrical release, and while the pandemic and its complicated narrative didn’t do it justice, it at least took a bold step towards a theatrical oppenheimer There has been a lot of pre-launch talk and prices are available in the Rs 10 million range. 1.4 to 1.5 billion yen will definitely come in.

on the other hand, barbie Bollywood films in the past have likewise benefited the most from clashes, just as clashes with larger foes actually helped relatively small-scale releases. in isolation, barbie Maybe it was one of the Hollywood rom-coms making its way to India, but it was very talkative around. oppenheimer, I got a lot. Then the movie will surely start at a price of more than 20 million rupees. $5 billion, and for the genre it belongs to, it would mean a winning start.

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