Both were steady days. Drisham 2 When Bediyah Again close to Rs. $900 million came in. A total of 9 crores is comfortably earned between his two films, and Tuesday remains close to that, so good news, at least for exhibitors.Few weekdays with scores like this have happened 13 days since release Drisham 2,It is encouraging.

Continuing to hold the lead is the Ajay Devgn stirrer, who also brought in Rs. 5.35 crore* yesterday. 5 kroner coming in every day is really good. It would be simply amazing if this trend continued today and tomorrow. Things may at least happen to dip a bit on Thursday, but they will definitely stabilize on Friday and pick up on Saturday and Sunday. At 154.64 million rupees*, it will exceed Rs by Saturday. 17.5 billion milestone.

Meanwhile, the first big goal is Bediyah to exceed the rupee. Mark 50 crore and hopefully by this Sunday. Movies collected rupees. 350 million* on Tuesday, which is a stable number when compared to Rs. 38.5 billion rupees collected on Monday. This marks a few more days for the numbers to stay above the rupee. At least 3 kroner marks. The Varun Dhawan-led creature comedy amassed Rs. 3.59 billion* so far, and as long as it keeps on this trajectory and holds its hold in the second weekend (despite the release of Action Hero), Rs. 5 billion in 10 days. Looking at things, the fun factor should work with a family audience on weekends, so it will.

*Estimate.Can’t wait to see the final numbers

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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