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Bholaa Box Office: Ajay Devgn’s Film Manages Holdings on Monday. : Bollywood Box Office

During the long weekend that passed, Boller At least I managed to find a foothold from where I could integrate that collection.The number of Rs 50 crore was pretty ideal but the total of Rs 44.28 crore was also decent enough at the end of the weekend. is that while the trend was positive and there was a dip on Friday, the numbers on Saturday and Sunday helped overcome it to some extent.

Therefore, all eyes were on what Monday would look like, as the drop had to be less than 50% compared to Friday. As happens with most movies that enjoy a four-day weekend and have already seen quite a few footprints, Monday’s drop is usually a little heavier.but it wasn’t Boller Could bring Rs 4.50 crores. Instead. Compared to Friday’s collection of Rs 740 crore, this is a level playing field.

However, what we need now is for the collection to remain stable throughout the week. Rs.600 crore by the end of his extended eight-day week is fair enough as an action drama total, so the trip to the Rs.100 crore mark remains intact. So far, the film has collected Rs 48.78, averaging Rs 4 per day by Thursday.

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/box-office-special-features/bholaa-box-office-ajay-devgns-film-manages-hold-monday/ Bholaa Box Office: Ajay Devgn’s Film Manages Holdings on Monday. : Bollywood Box Office

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