bad movies people love

Think about your favorite movie. You probably love it for various reasons. Memorable performances, incredible soundtracks, joking dialogue, and more.Maybe you associate it with a particularly important stage in your life. why This movie is your favorite movie. I don’t ask myself if I won an award. After all, a movie doesn’t have to be particularly good, or even technically “good,” to be the one you love the most.

Objectively speaking, what makes a movie good? It’s a matter of personal preference. Just because critics panned a particular film doesn’t mean it can’t find a fan base somewhere else. In fact, there are many films that are widely considered by critics and certain audiences, but are still incredibly popular. After all, being a little clumsy doesn’t mean the end of the movie, it might just be the beginning.

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The movie below is a reminder that a work of art doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to make your audience smile. In fact, these ambitious cult classics prove that movies can be very bad, but they’re actually good.

bad movies people love

These “so bad – they’re good” movies are incredibly popular with audiences.

worst movie franchise

Usually when a franchise goes bad, that’s the beginning of the end. But some movie series are too successful to really die. bad movies people love

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