Austrian court rules that FIFA FUT packs violate Austrian gambling laws

PlayStation was ordered to refund Austrian FIFA players after a court ruled that FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs were a form of gambling.

As reported by game company and found VGCa court in Hermagor ruled that football game FUT Packs violated the country’s gambling laws.

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According to attorney Ulrich Salburg, plaintiffs, including one minor, have paid hundreds of euros in FUT packs when they allegedly violated Austrian gambling laws for their uncertain monetary value. allegedly “gambling”. As a result, the court argued that the controversial loot boxes could be classified as “illegal gambling.”

Most claims are around €800, but “in particularly extreme cases, they can go as high as €85,000”, according to the report.

The court is now demanding Sony play €338.26 and ordering EA to label FUT packs as “licensed gambling games.”

EA and Sony have not yet commented on the ruling and may challenge the ruling on appeal.

According to a recent new study, Warnings for games that use loot box style mechanics are inconsistent and unreliable..

Conducted by Leon Y Xiao in collaboration with universities in Denmark, London, and the United States, the study investigated randomly selected smartphone games that had loot boxes and were available for download from the Google Play store. The purpose of this study was to examine how consistent his warnings about the presence of lootboxes are in his PEGI and ERSB, as well as the consistency of his age ratings in the IARC-supervised Google Play store. Austrian court rules that FIFA FUT packs violate Austrian gambling laws

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