Are Online Essay Writing Services Legit?

Students often have little time to perform all homework on time. They start doing some tasks anyhow or change their plans to manage all assignments. Sometimes they ask senior students to help them, but those have their academic tasks. Seniors can only explain how to do something or recommend turning to professional writers. On the one hand, explanations are good, but they will not perform the task instead of you. On the other hand, students often doubt the legitimacy of writing agencies.

What to do? Are online essay writing services legit? How to differentiate between legit essay writing services e.g. CustomWritings and fake ones? This article provides answers to questions you might have.

Is It Safe to Order a Paper on a Writing Service Website?

The Internet offers many shops and services to satisfy the demands of millions. A lot of customers complain of having bad experiences at online shopping. Online stores promise high-quality products and quick delivery. In fact, people receive low-quality products and problems with delivery. Other people adore online shopping. What is the difference? Some online stores take care of their reputations while others do not. The same happens to custom writing services.

One should be careful when selecting the writer. It is necessary to pay attention to many aspects. Moreover, you can ask senior students to share a link. Another variant is to study reviews or ask questions on reputable FAQ websites like Quora and Reddit. People are sincere when leaving comments on such forums.

Most writing services are legit. They have an official website where they introduce their contact data and terms of use. Customers do not want somebody to learn about their cheating. Consequently, the service must transfer full ownership of the written task to the client. You should make sure that there are no copies on the Web. To check, you will need to apply plagiarism checkers. 100 or even 50% match will reduce your grade because all tutors have plagiarism checkers, too.

Reliable services guarantee confidentiality. They ask for your phone number, email, and name but never make it public. Paper ownership belongs only to a customer. The website must have a certificate and a contract that proves its right to perform orders and receive payments. Blackmail will be possible only if you ask a freelancer to perform your order. Legitimate services will never hurt your reputation. 

NB! Writing agencies are consistent with American and UK law. None of the existing laws prohibits the use of custom writing agencies. Legitimacy concerns only personal ethical contradictions. The UK recognizes such services as legal because their main job is to HELP a student to write a paper or provide SAMPLES or DATA on the topic. It is up to the student to decide whether to introduce an expert’s essay as a personal one or to use it as a sample. It will be a crime if a student violates the contract terms and policies of the service.

Dos and Don’ts: How to Select a Reputable and Legit Writing Service

It is so easy to get lost on the Internet. The task becomes harder when the system sends spam, and you see irritating advertisements everywhere. Each writing service seems to be honest. Each one offers cheap papers in 24 hours. It is difficult to withstand the temptation. Those who cannot recognize fakes, order papers and pay but leave with nothing. How to avoid such a horrible and frustrating mistake? Experts say, there are five dos and don’ts when making a choice.

5 Do’s

5 Don’ts

Let’s figure everything out. Would you like to conduct research, spend many hours on typing and editing, and get only 5 dollars per 10 pages? Of course, not. Everybody wants to get a fair salary for top-quality performance. Custom writers are professionals. All of them have degrees and writing experience. Consequently, they want you to appreciate their hard work. The cheapest prices mean plagiarized or low-quality papers. It can be a fraud who promises a lot but sends nothing.

Almost all websites have a feedback page. Thankful or annoyed customers leave their comments to share experiences concerning the chosen service or product. There is only one BUT. Real customers write real comments. If you see only “Everything is OK. Thanks”, it will mean that the hired people write reviews. True comments contain details, specific information, and discuss problems that were or were not solved.

Most writing services publish free sample papers to let customers study them. A lot of students neglect them and just feel safe when seeing the “sample papers” rubric. Clever customers carefully read all samples. Mistakes, improper formatting, primitive vocabulary, and illogical structuring are your red signals. A legit website will never publish papers with mistakes not to tarnish the reputation.

One more effective way to check the legitimacy and quality of the writing service is to order a small paper. For example, you can ask a service to write a one-page essay on Independence Day in a week. You provide the college requirements. You pay and wait. When you get the order, you will need to read the paper attentively and scan it through a Plagiarism Checker. It is better to avoid the service in case you notice grammar mistakes, plagiarism (except for quotes), the discrepancy between your college demands and the received paper, or no response and no paper on the deadline day.

Another option to check the service is to contact their chat or call center. A reliable service asks for details about the paper, explains the order process, informs about the deadline and personal data protection. Lay people cannot provide clear and honest answers to specific questions. As a rule, they allow bots to do their job. The official website also has Terms of use, Contact, and Copyright signs at the bottom of the web page.


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