Amouranth reveals why he doesn’t have an exclusive deal with Twitch

She certainly deserves it (Photo: Twitter)

nevertheless Amorance are the most watched female streamers on convulsions She has not been offered an exclusive deal with the platform.

since she became of The hot tub queen of the internet, Amouranth has a huge following on several platforms including Twitch, YouTube and OnlyFans.

2022 has been a difficult year so far given the revelations of her toxic marriage, but she has come out stronger than ever and managed to overtake other popular streamers such as Pokimane and Valkyrae. rice field.

However, despite her success, Amouranth revealed that she has not been offered an exclusive deal for either her Twitch or YouTube channels.

In a recent interview with FullSquadGaming, the streamer said:take her to the next levelIt was a competitor of OnlyFans.

It’s understandable given that she earns around £1.3m a month from her Spicy content on OnlyFans and has earned over £22m in total to date.

When asked why she thinks Twitch and YouTube haven’t approached her with exclusivity deals yet, Amouranth said it’s probably because she’s “a little less brand-friendly.”

“YouTube seems to cater to streamers who are hosting big events and such. I only dabbled with Streamer Royale earlier this year,” she added.

Amouranth will be hosting alongside the Streamer Royale, which saw top streamers like Alinity and CodeMiko IRL in a Total Wipeout-style arena. her own version Coming soon to the Mr and Ms Universe Miss Contest.

She’s collaborating with YouTuber and gaming personality Alpharad, which could increase her chances of getting an exclusive deal with the platform.

“I don’t think we’re quite there yet for what they’re looking for…but who knows what the future holds,” Amouranth said.

Since separating from her husband, the streamer has also announced that she’s looking to change her content, and even hinted that she might be taking a step back from her steamy Twitch streams.

So far, she’s been streaming frequently with her beloved horse, not in the hot tub, saying, “first dateRecently at a rock climbing gym.

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