ACL Surgical Hospital, Bangalore

What is ACL surgery?

ACL surgery is a surgical procedure to reconstruct a torn anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint. His torn ACL can be painful and restrict the patient’s movement. If you have a torn ACL and are looking for an orthopedic hospital for treatment, here is a list of the best ACL tear surgery hospitals in Bangalore.

Best ACL Surgery Hospital in Bangalore

  1. pristine care

pristine care We are a renowned surgical service provider in India. Pristyn Care partners with hyperspecialty and multispecialty hospitals in over 400 cities to deliver superior, safe, affordable surgical care to every patient with an asset-light strategy. Pristyn Care works with top orthopedic facilities in Bangalore for elective procedures such as Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). ACL tear surgerySuch

salient features

  • Free online and offline consultation with best orthopedic surgeon
  • surgical cab equipment
  • Meal provision during hospitalization
  • Free follow-up consultation after surgery
  • Comprehensive insurance support
  • Free EMI facility for all treatments

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  1. Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospitals Group was founded in 1991. Its hospital network spans more than 15 cities, providing advanced healthcare services to more than 45 million patients. Now affiliated with Columbia Asia Hospitals, he has become the second largest overall healthcare group in India. The hospital staff aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry and deliver clinically superior, patient-centered and ethical care to every patient. It is also a treatment destination for many medical tourists who visit from abroad every year.

salient features

  • 28+ hospitals, 4000 doctors, 7600 beds
  • Robot-assisted curative treatment for various specialties including spine surgery
  • health check pack
  • 24/7 pharmacy and lab services
  • emergency ambulance service
  1. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Healthcare is one of India’s top integrated healthcare networks with around 30 hospitals across the country. All Fortis Hospitals are fully functional multispecialty care facilities known for their advanced care facilities such as minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery and robotic surgery. It is one of the best hospitals in Bengaluru for sports medicine and surgery including ACL tear surgery. Our skilled and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeons perform the perfect surgery for long-term pain relief and restoration of mobility for our patients.

salient features

  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Laboratory and microbiological services
  • Diagnostic and Catheterization Lab
  • Preventive health checkup
  • Critical and Emergency Treatment by Ambulance and Blood Bank Services
  • dietary counseling, physical therapy, rehabilitation
  • 24/7 pharmacy
  1. Apollo General Hospital

Apollo General Hospital It is an advanced tertiary care center in Bangalore. Its healthcare facilities and patient-centric approach reflect Apollo Healthcare Group’s flagship status. It is equipped with state-of-the-art advanced medical technology and keeps up with all the latest medical advances. It is widely recognized as ‘The Minimal Access Surgery Center’ (MASC) because it offers safer, minimally invasive surgery for a variety of medical issues, including ACL ruptures, spine surgery, and more.

salient features

  • JCI accredited 250-bed hospital
  • THE WEEK-A C Nielsen, Ranked as the 2nd best multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore by Best Hospital Survey 2013.
  • Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotic Assisted Surgery
  • First hospital in India to introduce thallium and holmium laser treatment
  • Advanced imaging equipment including digital X-ray, 120-slice CT, 3 Tesla MRI, and 4D ultrasound.
  1. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital

Gleneagles Global Hospital has two advanced treatment facilities in Bangalore, both NABH accredited and with interdisciplinary tertiary specialties. Forming one of the largest treatment facilities in Bangalore, it focuses on various specialties such as Oncology, Orthopedics, MIS, Interventional Radiology, ENT and Urology. The patient has access to advanced his ACL tear repair surgery from some of the best highly equipped orthopedic surgeons.

Distinguishing Features –

  • 450-bed treatment facility
  • 6 operating rooms
  • Advanced Imaging Facility and Transplant ICU
  • Special packages and procedures for preventive medicine
  • 24/7 pharmacy, emergency care and catheterization services
  1. Astor CMI Hospital

Aster CMI Hebbal Hospital is the flagship hospital of Aster DM Healthcare Group and ranks among the best hospitals in Bangalore. The hospital is famous for its advanced medical infrastructure and professional medical staff. The hospital is particularly known for its ultra-modern infrastructure supported by warm and welcoming medical and paramedic staff to ensure an optimal treatment environment for all patients. From some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Bengaluru, you can seek minimally invasive ACL surgery at Aster CMI Hospital.

salient features

  • An interconnected network of 14 hospitals across Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
  • patient-centered care
  • Specialization in primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary medicine
  • Provide consultation, ambulance and pharmacy services
  • With sickness certificate

When is ACL reconstruction surgery performed?

ACL reconstruction surgery Generally, a torn ACL should be replaced and replaced with a similar graft. The ACL ligament connects the femur and shin bone and controls their movement. As such, ACL injuries most commonly occur as a result of a sudden stop or change of direction during jumping or running movements. Therefore, it often occurs as a sports injury during sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and downhill skiing.

If you are unsure if your knee injury involves an ACL tear, you can check the following symptoms to confirm.

  • A loud popping or popping sensation in the knees when moving
  • Severe pain and inability to move the knee
  • acute swelling
  • loss of knee range of motion
  • Knee instability, such as being unable to stand on the knee

Book a free online consultation with an orthopedic doctor. ACL surgery in Bangalore.

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What factors should I look for when choosing a hospital for ACL tear surgery in Bangalore?

When choosing an orthopedic treatment center for ACL surgery, you should ask:

  • The hospital has a well-equipped orthopedic department with the latest technology.
  • The experience and expertise of our hospital panel of orthopedic surgeons enables successful surgeries without significant side effects
  • Hospital insurance policy
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation support provided by the hospital
  • Reviews and patient testimonials from previous patients

Choosing the right hospital for you is important. Get a free consultation or second opinion from the best orthopedic surgeons near you.

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