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Aa Bhi Ja O Piya is scheduled to be released on October 7, 2022. “The seed of love planted in the heart will sprout regardless of circumstances.” The city-educated Kaushal lives with her parents in her remote picturesque village of Jharkhand.Turn your passion for bonsai plantation into a professionhas his own nursery school. Kalpana, a city girl from an army family, is on a research trip with her mother and her driver. Their car had an accident in a storm. Kaushal rescues them and takes them home. Circumstances require them to extend their stay in the village. Kalpana experiences village life for the first time and gets excited. She is in awe of the natural beauty around her and the majesty and simplicity of the village culture. Helping her research, Kaushal shows her interesting historical and natural places. In the process, a very handsome but lovestruck Kaushal comes to interact intimately with Kalpana, who is very charming, polite and caring. With his elegant urban manners, he is unlike anyone else in the village. Feelings arise between young people, but they cannot express them. Kalpana returns to the city. Kaushal is lonely. Both have trouble adjusting to normal life. Only after parting do they realize that the strange feeling that arose during their brief exchange was love. But the actual situation forces them to reconsider – are they really made for each other? Kalpana is engaged to Karan, the son of a businessman. Her father is a very strict army major. Even hints about her feelings for Kaushal drive him into a violent reaction. in such a situation.

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