A French film that delves into child actors, class and exploitation in cinema

The film industry, whether in America or Europe, greatest achievements When taking care of actors, especially when they are children. Whether it’s Hollywood’s Golden Age or the rise of child shows on his network in the 2000s, Family The impact of industry on children As they grew up, they became all too common. Growing up in such an environment has completely changed some children, making them far worse off than they would have been if they had never set foot on a movie set. It tackles the subject matter and has won some of the biggest awards at international film festivals. cannes film festival For it: the worstor as it is known in French, Les Pilets.

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Directed by Lise Acoka and Romane Gueret the worst I draw from my experience working behind the scenes in the casting and film industry. The duo used to the worstbecause so was the case with casting in the film industry. the worst The film was supposed to have its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, but surprisingly, the film has garnered attention. Un Certain Regard Award, which is usually the case for films that tell non-traditional stories in a global and universal scope. Now, in 2023, the film will have a broader North American release, starting in New York City and Los Angeles. The film is set in France, but its themes and messages transcend industry and borders.

staying true to its subject, the worst It mainly utilizes non-professional actors and child actors. The director’s previous co-produced short film “Chasse Royale” the worst It could be developed, cast and workshoped in northern France for several years.movie play with witty humor Young children and adults in particular rushed onto the movie set for the first time to provide insight into how people would cope in these situations. When balancing tactics with standard drama plots, it’s good to remember where fiction meets reality.

movie within a movie

the worst In case you didn’t know that premise, it starts with a certain framework that the events that unfold after it offer a small twist. A group of children are being interviewed on camera and it gradually becomes apparent that they are from a working-class town in the north of France. are classified as troubled because of their socioeconomic status, which adds a subtle layer to the way they are seen and portrayed on camera. It has been-the worst It’s a movie within a movie.

Director Gabriel comes to Picasso’s town to cast children in his latest film. Because he wants his casting motives to be genuine, local townsfolk are surprised to hear him say he specifically wants the worst. As filming and production deepened, residents became increasingly concerned about the topic of the film, pushing harder issues in the story and wanting to cast less wealthy children, which they believed would affect the town’s reputation. I’m here. But where the cameras are rolling, problems loom large.

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Gabrielle isn’t shy about what she wants from these kids and puts them in situations that leave them vulnerable. . They are struggling with the circumstances in their lives and Gabriel uses the trauma of these children.In one scene Gabriel wants a fight scene between the boys. He asks the other boys to insult Ryan’s mother, but this was the wrong move.Ryan’s trauma stems from the fact that he was separated from his mother. responds poorly to insults, causing meltdowns and anger.

In another scene, Gabriel turns on the camera as he remembers the first time he had sex with his two children, including Lily. What makes this scene stand out is the conspicuous absence of an authority figure, like an intimacy coordinator, who can guide the children, and Gabriel transcends his professional and ethical boundaries. here. Gabriel’s pursuit of authenticity is at times comically slanted and leans into dark humor. While he may not view the child actors he hires as anything more than the tragic kid he “found” on the street, they show immense talent for the work they’re given. .

And, perhaps, that is the tragedy of the situation. These kids are considered the worst kids in the neighborhood, and that’s a label that’s hard for them to escape. And now, in Gabriel’s films, they fall into this kind of role. What can these young actors do if you are not giving them the freedom to do so?

Criticism that may not work

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One of the biggest drawing points about the worst is a commentary on casting practices, especially considering the backgrounds of the children selected for the fictional film of the film. the worst As a criticism of the casting system, the message tends to work well. However, through a general lens, I think it’s more about how movies approach this, especially given that we can’t offer alternatives on how we can move forward from these ethical concerns in the industry. Many questions will arise. There are two large scenes in the film that confront the viewer head-on to the repercussions that this form of exploitation can cause, creating uncomfortable moments and encounters.

This is further complicated by the way the film’s director, Gabriel, seeks out non-professional child actors in search of the “real thing” for his film. the worst I am creating a mirror because I am also using child actors. This rapidly blurs the line between simply reproducing the act they are trying to chastise and effectively criticizing it. the worst Because of this, I’m trying to establish a stance that I think this is cruel. But that’s the ultimate point the film is trying to make, and it could take these conversations and provide a platform to take them to the next level.

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But once it becomes clear what the message is, the worst I try to advocate for the children involved in these processes. Gender tends to be an afterthought, but the overall nuances are complex and multi-layered. A fictional movie-within-a-movie is about a teenage girl getting pregnant, and the male director, though it may come from unintentional reasons, has shown his sexuality to the two cast-her members. I speak broadly about my personal experience. Thus, in his quest for his authenticity, he dehumanizes the very people he seeks to portray. I assume you can. he was wrong about that.

Had the film been able to commit between the documentary aesthetic it borrows in the opening scene and fully immersing yourself in the world of the film being made, it might have found a better balance. Regardless, the film shines when it focuses on the young people brought into this system. Allowing talent and opportunity to shine through from those who otherwise might not have been seen. the worst It stands out, especially since the camera remains in close-up of the face during a particularly heavy scene.

the worst will open in New York City on March 24th and in Los Angeles on April 7th, with more cities being added to the expansion distribution.

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