A failed attempt at murderous social commentary

most dangerous game The premise gets a 21st century update with a socio-economic twist. hunted there is a young group targeted art thief For sport by elite aristocrats. The film veers between captivating and apt civic commentary on headless horror tropes. The better bit addresses the fundamental difference between poverty and inequality. The main characters were originally stealing to pay their school fees. Greed puts them in a life-or-death situation. Conversely, their wealthy pursuers want harsh justice when many criminals are walking free. hunted Fall prey to silly and predictable plot turns.

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Leon (Nobuse Jr.) leads Vicks (Hannah Tleylen), Todd (Ross Coles) and his brother Chaz (Malaki Pla Rachman) on a night heist. They secure the prize, a priceless painting, but are almost caught when the house’s inhabitants return. Their art dealer fences, Gregory (Larry Lamb), pays a good amount. He’s lined up with a much bigger score. Leon refuses. They walk away and leave the crime behind.

The crew becomes frustrated with Leon’s decision. He wants money for Chaz’s education, which is secured. Chaz agrees to take the next job. They can steal a lot of money that will change everyone’s life. Leon reluctantly agrees. Gregory introduces them to a palatial mansion deep in the English countryside. They are looking for an ancient dagger. Breaking in is too easy. Leon senses that something is wrong. His instincts are proven correct when he is knocked out by a cow goad.

They wake up tied and gagged in a truck and violently thrown into the field. Bottles of fox urine are poured over their bodies. Katherine Ledwick (Samantha Bond) happily stands before them. They are reluctant participants in cherished family traditions. The captives are cut off and stunned. They quickly run into the forest. Leon realizes they are set. A trumpet sounds in the distance. Dog barking and horse barking follow. the hunt begins.

Do Leon and his gang deserve sympathy for their plight? With unbridled greed, they run for their lives. They wanted to get rich easily at the expense of others. Death is a severe punishment, but no one was in the hands of Redwick.

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hunter and hunted

hunted portray hunters as proud enforcers class divisionThey enjoy their natural position at the top of society. Peasants have the status of servants and workers. Boldly stealing from privileged bosses makes them “slaughter lambs.” A murderous chase aboard red jackets, black hats, and mighty horses is thrilling. Their conversation becomes laughably excessive as Katherine and her repulsive family spew out snarky doctrine.

hunted It completely falls apart in the second act. What was a fascinating chase turns into sheer stupidity. Leon’s gang acts illogically when presented with an easy rescue. This resembles a disgruntled teenager running blind from a monster in the dark. There’s a scene where they find a phone and for some reason don’t use it.The excuse is…why call the police when you could get arrested. seems like a good choice. Idiot reigns as Hunted’s attempt to be an insightful and provocative fizzle.

hunted It was previously titled Hounded in the UK. Available now on demand from Fiction Films productions. savant movie.

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