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8 winter diet and lifestyle tips

Now we are all experiencing cool winter breezes. The weather is very comfortable, but it also causes problems such as dry and itchy skin, colds and coughs. To stay healthy this season, here are some effective diet and lifestyle tips to keep these problems at bay. .

Diet and lifestyle tips for a healthier you

  1. healthy diet: Sir Robert McCarrison, one of the most famous nutritionists, said: And the wrong kind of food is the single most important factor contributing to disease. The body has an elaborate healing mechanism, but in order for it to work, it must be supplied with an abundant supply of all the essential nutritional factors. . We all enjoy them and they are not only delicious but serve a special purpose to keep us warm.We get the best so it’s winter specific seasonal carrots during this time. Next is Sarson Ka Saag. Sags are not only a flavorful package, they also contain a ton of nutrition. gond ka ladu (made of gum resin). This also includes nuts and seeds. It keeps you very warm. This time we have prepared our own snacks with nuts and jaggery chikki. One grain a day will keep you out of the winter cold! While enjoying these, don’t forget the portions.
  2. regular exercise: Improves blood circulation and warms the body. Many older people suffer from joint pain and stiffness due to the natural phenomenon of muscles contracting in the winter to store energy. The best way to avoid it is to keep up with light exercise. You can start with brisk walking for 15-20 minutes. People with heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid going out early in the morning due to low oxygen levels.
  3. water: In winter, I tend to forget to drink water because I am not thirsty. But as you know, water is the carrier of our body’s nutrients and helps in detoxification.
  4. Hygiene: Next is hygiene management! Regular bathing is essential to keep your skin healthy and nourished. When you come home from somewhere else, wash your hands before cooking or eating.
  5. skin: Most of us suffer from dry and cracked skin during the winter months and get tired of applying lotions and oils all day long. Apply coconut oil or another moisturizer immediately after bathing. During this time, your skin will be moist enough to absorb the oils and feel soft all day long.
  6. sleepy: A good and restful sleep restores fatigue in the mind and body and strengthens the immune system. Adults need 6-9 hours of sleep, and older people need 5-7 hours of sleep.
  7. Vitamin D: Despite the year-round sunshine, vitamin D deficiency is on the rise among Indians. People prefer to stay indoors. Not only does vitamin D keep our bones healthy, it also regulates our mood. This is more common in western countries where the sun doesn’t shine. what are you looking for Let’s go soak up the sunshine!
  8. clothing: Wear warm, woolen clothes to protect yourself from the cold.

that’s all! These lifestyle tips are easy to follow and will keep you warm during this cold season. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!See here for winter tips sane reading Or, subscribe to GOQii’s personalized health coaching here and talk to an expert.

#BeTheForce 8 winter diet and lifestyle tips

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