8 Tips To Bring Elsword Players Back In 2023

Are you planning on becoming a returning player who hasn’t played Elsword in a while? With so many updates and new characters already released, you may be wondering how you’ll keep up with the game, especially if you’ve been away from it for a few years.

please do not worry! We are here to make your returns easier. Please follow our tips. By the end of this article, I hope you are well and ready to get back to playing Elsword again.

1. Adapt to change (game updates)

Over the years, Elsword has undergone many changes, whether it’s endgame content or attracting new players. There will also be character balance adjustments as more characters are released.

Reading the latest patch notes and game developer blogs will surely help you get back to Elsword. The most recent change is the addition of her fourth pass for the character, which has been slowly rolling out over the past year. Most of the balance is on his PvP side, which most people value less in this game compared to dungeons and raids.

Alternatively, you can play the game blindly to get a feel for it. However, playing a high-level character when you return to Elsword, you might miss a lot.

a handful discord The community and subreddit are readily available to new and returning players, so we highly encourage you to join us when you have time. These communities can help with specific questions, such as how to dig deeper into character builds.

2. Start with a new character and explore them all

This may seem counterintuitive as a second recommendation, but it’s actually the easiest way to go if you want to return to Elsword, especially if it’s been years since you last played it. Additionally, you can play a variety of characters that you prefer over your current character.

As an optional hint, the early game can be enjoyed even if you play alone, and honestly, one of Elsword’s good points is the struggle until the middle and late stages of the game. Most of Endgame’s features are time-limited, so Endgame is for those who can spend time and have money to spare. Just enjoy the game as it is and you’ll get there eventually.

Plus, exploring and trying out all of Elsword’s characters will help you find your own new protagonist. Additionally, many items are “bank shareable”. This means that these items are available to all characters within her one account.

3. Complete Friendly Professor Four’s First Growth Guide

Creating a new character will reveal new quests or guides you can follow. This guide will bring great rewards for your character. Complete friendly Professor Four’s first progression guide to get better gear for your character. This is very useful for completing the early to mid game.

In fact, Elsword encourages players to play every character. Following the same growth guide will definitely help each character in their struggles. Plus, the combat system is actually fun and engaging for his MMORPG, so you won’t get bored easily.

4. Bankshare your gear

Bankshare is a feature of Elsword that allows you to stash equipment and items, and all characters can use this stash. A good way to share loot between characters. This helps propel other characters in your account to get better weapons and loot at the start. Of course, for new characters, it’s best to complete the friendly Professor Four’s initial progression guide.

Don’t waste your resources and bank share all your weapons and accessories as much as you can. However, some items are unfortunately locked to your account.

5. Find someone to play with (wedding/soulmate system)

Elsword is essentially a solid PVE MMORPG. But playing with someone makes it more fun. You can host the wedding yourself or become a partner through the Soulmate system.

Having a partner in this game gives you a permanent and powerful boost for both. Increases physical attack power, magic attack power, physical defense power, and magic defense power, and increases the probability of double attack.

There are also a number of time-limited buffs, such as higher experience gains and increased drop rates for 30 days. For this reason, I highly recommend starting playing Elsword again with your partner. Note that you will need K-Ching, a secondary currency that can only be purchased with real money, to purchase necessary items such as wedding rings.

6. Steam or direct client download

As we all know, Steam is the most popular platform for gaming on PC and you can actually play Elsword on this platform. However, this will automatically link your Steam and Elsword accounts, which may cause problems when changing passwords in the future.

We recommend downloading the client to the last server you played on. Especially if you plan to play with the same character you did years ago. However, if you want to start a new character and stick to the end of the game, Steam is more convenient.

7. Server Differences

Elsword has different servers in different regions of the world. There are 7 servers in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, North America, Europe and International. North America, Europe, and International are the only regions that are not fixed. However, if you’re playing on Steam, you’ll be placed on the server closest to your current location.

All the content on each server is the same, but the EU server update is only 6 months behind. Other servers get the same content at the same time. The number of players also varies from server to server. Based on the community, the North American and European servers seem to have a healthy population compared to the international servers.

8. Secure your account with a PIN

Finally, don’t forget to protect your Elsword account and character. You can set a PIN. This means you have to enter your PIN every time you enter the character selection screen.

You can set it during the game, in which case you will be asked to list your security questions. You’ll need these if you forget your PIN and need to reset it when contacting support.

Setting a PIN adds an extra layer of defense to prevent hacking. If you are going to spend money on this game, this should be your priority. Do this before purchasing items using real-world currency.


We hope these tips will ease your return to the world of Elsword. A lot has been added to the game, and despite different servers on different continents, there is surprisingly still an active community.You can also top up your currency with Nexon Game Cards, formerly known as OffGamers’ Karma Coins here.

If you have any other suggestions or tips for getting players back, feel free to comment below.

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