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7 Xbox franchises we want to see come back

The Xbox team put on a great Xbox Showcase where they unveiled a number of the latest games. We’ve seen Clockwork Revolution, South of Midnight, and of course Starfield, but I’d love to see Xbox return to the treasure trove, along with new IP that’s coming to consoles and PC sooner or later. and revive some of these classics. Here are some games that are hoping to make a comeback.

1. Banjo and Kazooie

The quirky bear with a bird in his backpack made headlines when the duo last appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But recent headlines have suggested that former developers like Grant Kirkhope think Banjo audiences won’t be there if Banjo does make a comeback after 2023.via VGC He said, “I think Rare is open to anyone if he finds the right team, but I don’t think that team exists. I’m also not sure if the audience will be there.” With over 6.9 million views on , the Banjo community would like to argue that this should not be Rare’s sleep.

2. Conker

If speed doesn’t match the banjo, what about a foul-mouthed furry rodent named Conker? He was greedy and overdrinking, and was the perfect vessel to tease his design tropes for video games during Conker’s Bad Fur Day in 2001. The same humor can clearly be translated into modern times, and would be a welcome change for safe games like Super Lucky Tale. It was last released as a remake in 2015 with Rare’s replay, but the return of Conker has been something I’ve been waiting for.

3. Murderous Instinct

When Killer Instinct returned to Xbox One in 2013, the fighting game community roared with praise from the rooftops. The game not only receives support in the form of new characters and regular updates, but also backend support to ensure the game continues to run as of May 2023. 10 years of support! With that said… Where’s Killer Instinct 2 Xbox? As a fan, I’ve seen this game in sequel form since there was a ravenous demand for more KI and an arcade version was promised in Ultra 64. Hope to see you get even more charm in.

4. Mech Assault

2019’s MechWarrior 5 still has mod support, and Armord Core VI is just around the corner, but do you know what you don’t love? Mech Assault! Given our love of giant mechs flying through the air and battling each other, it’s time for our favorite Mech Assault to not only be a great mech game, but a special entry on Xbox’s list of games. It seems the time has come to find out. , but it just… disappeared, and it’s kind of a mystery why it did. Sound design was great. Gameplay worked incredibly well with the controller. The story wasn’t half bad either. So where is the love Xbox?

5. Quake

When the original Quake turned out to be a fantastic remaster last year, some at IGN thought this meant something new was coming from the Quake team. Was a new game being made? Was this a tease for something bigger? Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about Quake since Quake Champions went free-to-play in 2018. But with Quake Remaster gaining near-universal praise, it may be time to revisit this largely dormant series. If ID can remake Doom into a masterpiece, I’d love to see what they’ve done with his new take on Quake’s story.

6. Shadowrun

Shadowrun launched for PC and Xbox 360 in 2007 to mixed reviews, but has since disappeared. But I think we have the potential to build something great. Access to magic, teleportation, and technology came to Xbox games in 2007, but this series really hits the table with incredible lore that developers can dive into. was built around. Wikipedia says it “combines the genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and crime, with occasional elements of conspiracy, horror, and detective fiction.” Even going back to his 1993 when the first game was made, this game leaned more into these aspects of his SNES and was a positively reviewed action RPG. To me it looks like it has potential. And if the Pillars of Eternity universe can be reimagined as an avoidance, perhaps Shadowrun still has a leg to make a comeback.

7. Crimson Skies Royal Road to Revenge

Crimson Skies was a huge hit when it launched on the original Xbox. Whenever that topic comes up, people fondly recall memories of blasting each other in the air or jumping on turrets to shoot down enemies to steal chicks. score points. I feel like this game had a lot of fans, but for some reason it didn’t become as popular after High Road to Revenge. Flight Simulator is getting more and more into the “fun” side of flying with new expansions that add dune vehicles, aerial firefighting, skydiving, search and rescue missions, cargo transport, and more… perhaps one or two There will be room for missions that take us back to the beloved world of Crimson Skies. Or, if that doesn’t work, maybe there’s another way to keep the dream alive. It would be a shame to see this take off into the setting sun.

Those were the seven options I wish Xbox would bounce back from the brink. did i miss something? Let us know your choice in the comments section below.

honorable mention


fusion on frenzy

crimson skies

project gotham racing

viva pinata

monster truck madness

Keen Commander


https://www.ign.com/articles/7-xbox-franchises-wed-love-to-see-return 7 Xbox franchises we want to see come back

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