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6 Unique Business Gift Ideas

he tradition of giving gifts is intended to show gratitude and appreciate others for their contribution or achievements. One also gifts on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any important event.

Gifts are also exchanged in offices, among employees and with other companies. Exchanging gifts with various companies is also a way of greeting them, forming alliances, and establishing better relationships. There is a different variety of gifts that are exchanged officially and are considered suitable for official purposes.

1.   A stationery goodie bag

Stationary comes in handy for anyone running an office or a business. A goodie bag consisting of various stationery items would seem presentable and will also be appreciated. One can include Parker fountain pens, diaries. Markers, highlighters, calendars, and many more useful items in it.

Many good brands have products with packaging appropriate for them to be gifted to others. A variety of cross ballpoint pens are available in the market to choose from. Some even come with packaging suited well for gifting purposes.

2. Terrarium or succulent garden

An excellent gift for a time when people have become so mindful of everything is a terrarium or a succulent garden. These small and trendy accessories would brighten anyone’s mood and bring freshness. In addition to it being a perfect gift to bring freshness, it doesn’t require a lot of water or tending which will keep things going for many more years to come.

3. A professional notebook

Stationary is one particular requirement for any office. Gifting a good, professional notebook will be of great work for anyone in the office because it is designed according to the customized needs of the office employees. It is not about gifting bundles of notebooks but about gifting a special and custom-made notebook that would make the receiver feel special and valued. It would seem personal yet professional.

4. Gourmet food baskets

A shift of focus towards a healthier lifestyle has introduced a new gifting item called gourmet food baskets. These are customized food baskets with healthy snacking with good taste and organic ingredients and personalized. They look presentable, sophisticated, and a great munching item. One can ask their client’s allergies and then customize a basket to give them.

5. Portable phone charger

Now, who would mind a mobile battery charger? A portable phone charger would seem an appropriate gift for the clients. It will be convenient for anyone working in the office because mobile phones are highly used in everyday life which would result in the drainage of batteries. A portable charger would be of great use here and nothing is better than a gift that one can genuinely use.

6. Restaurant gift cards

Business meetings are often conducted in some restaurants as it seems more convenient, presentable, and wholesome. Gifting various restaurant gift cards would seem an appropriate gift as it would be very useful while organizing any meetings. Winding up a business meeting over a meal sounds more interesting as well.

Last but not the least, gifts are a great way of socializing with people and making new acquaintances as well. They make one look more presentable and it also helps break the ice. Therefore, while finalizing new deals one can often think of some appropriate gifts which can further act as a token of appreciation and greetings.

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