3 Steps To Buy Clothing That Makes You Feel Good

Some people have an easy time shopping for clothing. They simply walk into a store, try a bunch of things on, and leave with the things they like. For many of us, however, the opposite is true. We scour a store before picking out things we might like, spend ages determining whether we actually like how they look on us, and leave feeling like we’ve made some terrible mistakes.

This is a common experience, and it has a lot to do with how we think of fashion. We have learnt that style is something objective. The clothes we buy therefore can be judged as looking either good or bad. If we come to the conclusion that we made the wrong choices, we feel bad going out in the clothing we own.

The problem is that we end up buying clothes based on what other people might think, rather than on what we actually like.

If you want to know the futility of buying objectively attractive fashion, look at what people wore in the ‘90s or early 2000s. Many fashion choices from then look ridiculous to us now, simply because society has turned to other aesthetics. In a few years, what people are wearing today will look strange, and “vintage” fashion from 2002 will be back in vogue!

Of course, this is easy to write about, but it is not at all easy to implement. The moment you walk into a store, you may feel overwhelmed no matter how certain you are that fashion is subjective. To help you choose clothing that makes you feel good, follow these 3 steps.

1. Start with comfort

The general approach to buying clothing these days is to start with how things look and only then think about comfort. However, doing the opposite is incredibly empowering. By choosing comfortable clothing, you already know that it feels good in one important aspect. You are putting your own feelings first.

2. Do a power pose

Once you have comfortable clothing in the fitting room, you can start thinking more about which items you actually like the look of. However, if you feel self-conscious, you will think that nothing looks good on you. In fact, if you are holding yourself in a way that you don’t like, no clothing will change that perception.

Do a pose that makes you feel powerful. Don’t worry if you think it will look ridiculous to others, as you are your only observer. A power pose will make you feel more confident, and you will have a better idea of whether you actually like how the clothes look.

3. Blend comfort and aesthetics

Finally, choose the items that not only feel good physically, but make you feel good mentally as well. These are the items that you loved the look of while still feeling very comfortable. Comfort and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Take a look at Calypsa swimwear for examples of fashionable swimsuits that actually feel good. They provide swimwear for all shapes and sizes, with the focus on helping you feel great about yourself.

Ultimately, your choices should not be based on what others will think. If you choose the clothes that you loved when doing your power pose, you will feel good wearing them out. If they are not someone else’s cup of tea, that is really their problem and not yours!

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