3 Key Benefits of Adopting a SASE with a Service Provider

Digitalization, higher demands for cloud-based services, and the emergence of the remote work model due to COVID 19. These are all the things that made cyber security the number one priority of every web-based business.  

There is a great, modern, and comprehensive framework that helps these businesses to be more protected online; the SASE security model. The best thing is, you don’t even have to deal with creating a huge architecture, you can just get it as a service. Let’s see the three key benefits of adopting a SASE solution with a provider. 

What is SASE and how does it work? 

SASE is an abbreviation for the term Secure Access Service Edge. It was first described by Gartner in a 2019 article. It was introduced as a new security framework for recently popular cloud-based services, mobile workforces, and disappearing physical offices. 

SASE is a network framework that combines security services and software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) in the cloud. It offers a simplified and easy-to-manage cyber security structure. 

This framework converges services such as FWaaS, Zero Trust, SD-WAN, and DNS. By combining these cloud-based services, SASE creates a seamless cyber security architecture that is both bulletproof and convenient to operate. 

One of the best features of the SASE framework is bringing cyber security to SaaS applications and actual end-users. In this model, security is more focused on the user instead of hardware-based measures. Thanks to this, cyber security is much more agile and flexible. In a proper SASE architecture, remote employees can securely access corporate resources and cloud applications directly regardless of their location. 

This new and modern security model provides edge-to-edge security from a single platform. Thus, it is easier to manage, operate, and use. SASE is also great for flawless protection since all network connectivity services are intertwined with security tools. The numbers speak for themselves as SASE has already penetrated 20% of the market according to SDX Central’s report

Three key benefits of SASE with a service provider 

Since SASE is a relatively new concept, it may be challenging for companies to implement an edge-to-edge SASE framework on their own. Luckily, some VPN providers have great SASE architecture offers that accelerate and simplify the process. Now, let’s see the three key benefits of getting a SASE solution from a provider. 

1-) Integration abilities & adoption of Zero Trust 

Migrating to a SASE solution means that most of your existing infrastructure will be protected by and included in the SASE architecture. If your SASE is not able to perfectly integrate with existing tools and services, you can’t fully benefit from it.  

Adopting a SASE with a service provider solves this problem as VPN vendors are usually capable of integrating with popular business tools and cloud-based applications. If you choose a provider to do the work, you can have a seamless SASE architecture. 

Service providers can also help you bring a Zero Trust approach to all of your business tools, making access to resources more secure and straightforward.

2-) Dedicated & experienced IT security team 

Your existing software developers and IT employees probably have an already exhausting workload. Especially if you’re a relatively small company, you might not have the budget to hire a dedicated IT security team. Additionally, SASE is a modern framework that is unknown to most except for cybersecurity experts. 

By opting for a service provider to structure and operate your SASE, you’ll automatically have a dedicated and experienced IT security team. They will deal with all the maintenance and installation issues of your SASE architecture. Not to mention there will be 24/7 customer support that will help you through the whole process. 

3-) Cloud-first approach for convenient access 

If you adopt SASE from a provider, you’ll have access to their other cloud services that will be implemented into the SASE architecture. This means you can easily migrate your whole network operations to the cloud and have a more convenient access procedure. 

Most SASE service providers come with additional tools such as remote verification services, SD-WAN cloud gateways, or a private VPN tunnel. You won’t have to deal with several cloud services and you’ll most likely get a better deal. 

Adopt SASE from a provider for seamless implementation

If you think about adopting a SASE architecture, it is best to do with the help of service providers. Especially if you’re a small company with a limited budget, you don’t want to deal with it yourself.

Getting a SASE solution from vendors also comes with additional benefits such as integration capabilities, dedicated IT security teams, and easier cloud migration. These are all the things that will ensure a seamless implementation of SASE. 

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