’28 months later’ may finally happen

28 days later… We’ve completely reworked the world’s notion of what a zombie is. Now we may be able to return to that universe in a full trilogy. It was produced on a budget of just $8 million, but quickly made more than that. It grossed $82.7 million worldwide, cementing itself as a 2000s horror staple in the process.

sequel, 28 weeks later, Although it didn’t make as much money as its predecessor, it received positive reviews.Well, apparently 28 days later… Director Danny Boyle is considering the possibility of a third film.

Boyle has spoken NME When recently asked about a possible third entry, he shared:

I am so tempted. It feels like a really good time, actually. Funny thing is, I hadn’t thought about it until you said it, but it reminded me of “Bang, this script!” It’s also set in England, and it’s very important about England. Anyway, let’s see… who knows?

Boyle added that the film could come to fruition because of the current struggle in cinemas trying to draw back audiences after the pandemic. It’s hard to do Top Gun: Maverick or marvel‘ explained Boyle. “But if it’s half decent, the third part will attract people.”

As of now, there are no concrete plans for the film. That said, there is certainly interest from both the director and the audience.

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